Yoga Teacher Training







200 hr YTT Curriculum



2020 Yoga Teacher Trainings (In-person)

Aug 28th- Sept. 25th 2020 – IN- PERSON 200 HR YTT in Cost Rica 

Hours: Mon-Sat. 8-5 

Details coming soon!


Jan. 7th- April 7th Online YTT –

This can be completed within a year however you will get the most benefit from following the group during these dates as we attend group zoom calls 2 times a week and fb live practices once a week.  

Please refer to the info below for full tuition price and schedule details. 

Deposit to hold spot is $300 non- refundable and will go towards your tuition this is due upon being accepted into the program.



Starting Jan. 7th and runs until April 7th, 2020 

Are you wanting to experience a life changing transformation where you can share your gifts with others and create change in the world?

How important is it to you to feel alive and vibrant because you are answering your life’s purpose and following your dreams?

Well, I have designed a course for you that will answer your hearts calling. If you want to teach yoga this is your time, this is your calling.

This is an exciting opportunity to explore your practice and take it to the next level.

We will be working closely together along this journey as you learn the ins and outs of the yoga industry gaining incredible tools to help you advance as a practitioner and a teacher.

I have taken online courses before and never followed through because it wasn’t intimate or connected to the instructor so the accountability wasn’t there. This is entirely different, you will be moving along with a group of aspiring teachers. I will also be in touch with you and keeping an eye on your progress.

There is also an in person 5 day intensive that will allow you to showcase your skills and share the techniques you have learned. Within this 5 day intensive you will teach your final practicum and receive feedback. The final exam is also taken at the end of these days. There will be lots of workshops on adjustments as well as posture alignment and asana breakdowns.

Here is an inside scoop of the schedule:

Jan.7th  –  Group training live zoom call- 1hr (first one is an introduction)

Jan.8th – 1 hr lecture live zoom

Jan.9th  – 45 min FB live asana practice in the private group page

Tue, Wed, Thur from 9-10 am. PST, 10-11 MST  (Every week) Is the regular schedule from Sept. 10rd- Dec. 17th

There is a 3 day intensive in-person portion at the end. Here you will be learning the hands on adjustment portion as well as more alignment posture analysis, writing the final exam and teaching your final practicum. This is included in your tuition price (depending on the location).

You will probably spend an average of 10 hrs a week for 17 weeks. If you follow along with everyone else through the calls and modules.

You will receive 1 one on one coaching call with me as a part of the program tuition.

You have a year to finish the course but it is helpful and recommended to move along with the rest of the students.

Upon graduation you will get your certification from The Yoga Home and be able to teach anywhere in the world. Just a heads up this is not with Yoga Alliance but we can discuss that in your interview. You may receive the continuing education hours towards Yoga Alliance.

 There is a tremendous reward for people that jump on this before the early bird, please view the investment options below.


You may pay the tuition fee all at once through cheque, cash, pay pal or e-transfer. Full tuition price is $2450.

Early bird price if paid before March 15th is $1950. 

Regular in person trainings can cost from $3200-$3600 depending on where you go. With the online option you will receive more than $1000 off!!!

There will be a weekend intensive in person to go over all the hands on adjustments and to teach your final practicum.

You may set up a payment plan only for the regular price (NOT EARLY BIRD)

 of $538/ month for 4 months this includes the $300 deposit totalling $2450. Paid by Nov. 15th, 2019. There are no refunds, even if you decide to quit half way this payment must be made until you reach the total. There will be a contract that you will have to sign.

*This program is a full commitment so please only apply if you are fully ready to make this commitment. We want dedicated students that put their full attention into this program. 

Registration is closed Jan. 1st. All payments have to be in by no later than April 1st. Once payment is in you will receive your certificate when you graduate. You have a year to finish the program.

Once your application has been received and reviewed we will contact you to set up a telephone interview. Once accepted you may proceed to send your $300 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. If you decide to cancel there are no refunds however if it is an emergency situation and you are unable to move through the postures, you may use it as credit towards another training in the future.

Please apply here  

Thank you so much for your application. This is the first step to a beautiful journey ahead of you.



Testimonials from The Yoga Home graduates

“I couldn’t have had a better teacher than Aly. She is such a beautiful and present person that really cares about everyone around her. We were a great group, all on different levels and Aly gave all of us a big piece of her heart and a lot of understanding. The passion she has for yoga really shines through in everything she does. The playfulness and lightness she brings to her teaching is something i really appreciated. I laughed every day in my teacher training and it made me realise that my practise doesn’t need to be so serious. That life itself can be much more about light and fun.
Aly really made me grow, both in my practise and as a person. She gave me all the skills and confidence I need to start teaching. I am so happy for everything i got out of the training. It’s really been life changing. I love Aly forever and would recommend her teacher training to anyone.”

- Sara Eek Branzell

“I was so impressed with Aly’s deep knowledge of the body, yoga as a science and a philosophy. These concepts flow through her classes, and are passed on to her students on both an individual level and class level. Aly teaches from a place of acceptance and understanding. She is extremely receptive to her student’s feelings and goals. She attends to individual needs & circumstances without compromising high standards of practice & discipline. Aly has instilled the confidence in me teaching alignment principles, anatomy, cueing, and how to assess a student or an entire class to form a sequence to suit their needs. I was always encouraged by her playful assurance & found her teaching methods very nourishing and motivating. She truly put the joy back into the practice and created a space of lightness and fun with afternoon dance parties, savasana cuddle puddles and massage trains. Her guidance as taught me to keep seeking, to keep trying, to be super open and receptive to everything I feel for it is in the sweet caressing of the dark and difficult moments that space opens for greater expansion. I am finally ready to spread my light to the world and live my purpose. Thank you for the most sweaty high viben’ informative experience of my life. I am grateful beyond words for you, Aly Paws.”

- Teal Michelle Blake