Foam rolling workshops

Do you feel tired often and lacking energy? Are your joints achey and stiff? 

I am offering a foam rolling workshop that will allow you to release the fascia (connective tissue) to promote rehydration in the tissues and offer you more support and energy as well as bring clarity to the mind. 
This is a yoga, breathing, meditation, foam rolling and myofascial ball release workshop.
The flow will be a nice yang yin style with a little movement and then holding and surrendering into the posture and creating stillness in the mind. All levels welcome!

Sept. 14th 
Investment: $25 (Please bring your own foam roller.)
Location: TBA

5 week Yoga Course:

This will be a blend of all the styles that I am trained it. Variety ranging from Hatha, Yin, Sattva, Vinyasa and Kundalini
Date: Sept. 12- Oct. 17th  Thur. 
Time: TBA
Price: $75
Please email me directly to register.
Location: I will announce this closer to the date

8- Limb path values workshop:
Within this workshop we will cover the traditional philosophies of Patanjali’s 8 limbs and the ethical principles in yoga. We will also explore what your values are and how we can work with techniques of journalling to connect deeper to your alignment to what is most important to you. This will radically effect your choices and the results and outcome of those choices. This will involve a movement practice but mostly theory and interactive exercises. 
Date: Sept 14th 3-5 
Price: $25
Please email to register:

Self love workshop


Self awareness is everything. When we’re self aware we have the capacity to step into the best version of ourselves.

How do we do that? 

Utilizing tools and practices that you can learn to call on everyday for support. Just as yoga is a practice, so too is self awareness.

We’ve designed a workshop to teach you what these tools are and how you can bring them into your daily life.

Before understanding how we can make use of these transformational self-awareness tools, we first have to distinguish the limitations that hold us back.

In this workshop we will teach you practices that cultivate these tremendous tools so you can deepen the process of activating your gifts and receive healing results in not only the relationship with yourself but also creating a ripple effect to everyone around you in work, with family and friends.

Even your relationship with nature and animals start to shift once you choose you, and align with your values that reveal your true self and realize that we are not separate. We are one.

This is a 2 day workshop to awaken your heart centre and get in touch with your core values in order to build a foundation that will support you in being the best version of yourself.

Within these 2 days we will be creating a safe container to tap into our hearts and desires aligning to our purpose and learning how to effectively communicate what our needs are and how to seek for support.

Get ready to fall in love with yourself on a whole new level.

Date of event: Oct… dates- TBA
10-12 -Asana practice – Heart chakra focused- Slow flow
12-1 – Lunch
1-2 -Workshops/discourse- on forgiveness
2-3- -Afternoon meditation, yoga nidra and energetic cord cutting session
3-3:30 p.m. Journalling and sharing circle

10-12 – Asana practice – 3rd chakra focus
12-1- Lunch break
1-2 -Workshop (8 limbs of yoga)
2-3 -Meditations and breathing
3-3:30 -Journalling and sharing circle

Location: All About You Fitness and Yoga – 4802-54 st

Investment: Early bird before OCT $89 for one day and $147 for both days

If you register after OCT the regular price will be $98 for one day and $177 for both days.
To register for this workshop you can contact me (Aly) at 4034380700 and/or email


Partner yoga and intro to acro

Do you have a desire to play more and communicate effectively?
Do you struggle with trust?

This is one of my favourites to teach. This class is a mix of partner and beginner acro yoga with some hands on adjustments. This will help you get out of your mind and access the inner child. The main focus and intention is communication, trust and connection. We will explore some fun partner poses and then you’ll get to fly!!! 

Location:  The Bar in Olds- 5105- 50th Ave                                  
Investment: $30 Includes free beverage. If you bring a friend you’ll receive $5 off!!  
Date: Oct 5th 3-5 p.m.

2nd workshop – Oct. 12th 3-5 p.m. (At Olds Town Square)

partneradjustments workshop


Adjustments and posture workshop

This 3 hour workshop is crafted specifically for graduates of a yoga teacher training program and have already been working on students and clients and would like to further their knowledge with alignment and assists. 

The workshop is designed to support you in your journey as a growing teacher and allow more confidence to come into your classes as you work more with hands on adjustments in class. 

Pre-requisite is a 200 hr YTT or you have been practicing for at least 10 years and you would like to know more about adjustments and correction with alignment within your own practice. 

Location:  All About You Fitness and Yoga                                  
Investment: $30