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Cultivating romance with yourself is the first step to cultivating abundant love in all areas of life.

Join us as we unapologetically love up on ourselves in the land of love: Italy. Explore a new culture as you awaken your passions, fire, and zest for your creative desires, flirting with life and all the opportunities it has to offer.

Sometimes we need a reset. We need to shake things up and do something exceptional in order to remind ourselves what beauty, fun, and play are possible in our lives.

We got you. We understand how life can seem to pass by with the regular routine.


Life is not meant to feel boring or stagnant.

Life is color, play, adventure, curiosity, and PASSION.

It’s that feeling of a new relationship. The heat, the fun, and the joy in trying something new. It’s time to rekindle this flame for life again. The flame inside you know exists.

 Bear your heart and desires, scream them into the Sabina Mountains and connect with your fire again. Fall into a LOVE AFFAIR WITH YOURSELF and WITH LIFE.

 The problem is that we don’t give ourselves the time to honor this relationship with ourselves and our passions.

 The solution? A romantic getaway with intentional exercises and elements to support the expansion of this relationship of love with yourself.

 You will cultivate tools to savor your experience in this life while immersing in a culture perfectly selected to support this process.

You will move, breathe, laugh and dance your way into a courtship with yourself and with life.

 You will have the time, space, and the focus to cater to YOUR NEEDS.

During this Love Affair In Italy you will discover what your needs are moving forward, dance and release any blocks that keep you from your truest expression, tune into your body and develop a deeper connection with your physical needs and most of all:

You will reignite your passion and fire for what life has to offer. Disclaimer: You may start to witness opportunities show up in your life with ecstatic enthusiasm.

When you gift the time to love yourself with unapologetic expression guess what? You and your relationships will become healthier, you will gain clarity for your purpose, and you will be able to express your passions through your creative gifts.

And we need your gifts.

So, are you ready?

Are you ready for a new love story? Are you ready for romance?

Sunflower retreat center in Casperia, Italy


Situated in the heart of the Sabina mountains just north of Rome is the picture-perfect Italian village of Casperia. The fortified medieval village has amazing panoramic views of the Sabina hills and mountain landscape from every angle. This humbling village has no cars on their winding cobblestone roads, a perfect place for pedestrian wandering and a cyclists dream.

Can you picture yourself in this place of natural beauty surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and forest-covered mountains where you can watch the changing scenery from every angle? Imagine it. What does that feel like?

With this laid back lifestyle rare to see in Italy, allows the ease of time to lose yourself in wonder at the medieval architecture and the ancient walls that surround the village.

This environment caters to The Italian Love Affair experience as we immerse in a world of our own gifting ourselves full presence and time. All those worries, leave them outside of the ancient walls.

You are here to romance yourself, ignite your flame and immerse in a culture of bright colors giving you permission to express your truest colors.

This is what you are signing up for:

  • 6  Nights Private or Shared Accommodation

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation & workshops on mindset, self love practices

  • Day Excursions either additional price or with group

  • 3  Authentic Italian Plant Based Buffet style meals a day

  • Group and individual mindset exercises

  • 1- on – 1 coaching session with Kendra Adachi

  • Cranial Sacral treatments are at a generously lowered rate

  • Follow up coaching to support integrating back into the real world

Not included:


Travel insurance

Airport shuttle transport

Craniosacral therapy

Photo shoot with a professional photographer

Excursions and additional activities



Retreat schedule: 

This schedule is subject to change this is a base so you have an idea what the days will look like. There is also a free day for excursions if you would like to book a tour.

 7a.m.- Juice, coffee and tea


7:30-9 a.m. Asana practice (These are mixed classes designed for all levels, yes beginners are welcome!)


9 a.m. Breakfast


10-12 Workshops


12 p.m. Lunch


3-5 p.m. Workshops or afternoon yoga/meditation practice


6 p.m. Dinner

There will be 2 evenings where we will do meditations and ecstatic dance the rest of the evenings are free to explore the local villages art and music. You will also have one day to go on excursions. The workshops are optional, they are included in the price of the retreat.

This is for you if..

  • You are hungry and so damn ready for an adventure you’re already looking at flights!
  • You have a passion for feeling more in life and are ready to break out of your routine in life
  • You want fire and passion. In every way.
  • You love to embrace the rustic realness of a new landscape and culture. You are comfortable with a new setting and love to immerse in the quarks of a foreign land that may feel unfamiliar to you
  • You are adventurous or seek to unleash your adventurous side adapting to new surroundings and the spontaneity of a land unknown. It excites you to get out of your comfort zone. You know this where growth and magic happen
  • You are ready to commit and implement tools from the workshops and are open to new ways of discovering yourself
  • You love meeting new people and making new friends!
  • Dancing under the stars and howling at the moon is second nature to you – or at least, you’re ready to embrace it


This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t comfortable with diving into self expression and personal development (In some of our workshops we may bring up some limiting thought patterns that can trigger upsetting emotions – this is when change can occur and we can start to reframe) Though we do not want to pressure anyone on their journey. If you are not quite ready to go there, this may not be for you and that’s okay.
  • You are expecting a resort and 5 star accommodations. The Sunflower Retreat centre is magical, clean and absolutely breathtaking in every way. However, we simply want to be transparent that this is not a luxury retreat. We will be in a awe-struck location, don’t get us wrong. Though if you are expecting a 5 star resort, this may not be for you.
  • You are expecting to change forever and all of life will be picture ‘perfect’ at the end of this retreat. We are creating this space for you to rediscover your playfulness and love for life and self as well as gift tools for action moving forward. Though, it is up to you to be consistent with the tools and momentum. We are here for you for support though it is up to you to implement. 




In Aly’s eyes life is meant to be experienced through travel, play and laughter. Her attitude in life is, we don’t know how long we are here so we may as well live vibrantly from the heart and gain the techniques to be the best version of ourselves. Aly’s passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga lead her to create her own teacher training program. She has facilitated Nine 200 hr YTT in Costa Rica, Canada and Thailand. Aly has had the pleasure working with Epic Self in collaborating YTT’s around the globe. She has also received over 1000 hours when her journey with teaching began in 2005 through some incredible well known teachers such as Rameen Peyrow and Nicki Doane.

Aly’s journey with yoga started in 2003 after a skateboard injury, it helped her regain strength not only in body but mind and spirit. She grew up as an athlete her whole life so she knows a lot about injuries. Which propelled her on the healing path and began studying the body deeper with Massage, craniosacral, SER and myofascial release. That first class was like coming home, she knew she would be doing this the rest of her life.

She has a diverse style of yoga practices from hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, yin, kundalini, meditation, pranayama breath work and philosophy. She has a perfect balance of the wisdom of the ancient lineage and traditional style of teaching to dynamic play and fun.



Kendra Adachi is a mentor, writer, plant-based chef, cannabis educator, advocate and consultant passionate about raising awareness for mental health.

Adachi’s work is to empower people to exist vibrantly alive, lead a life of passion, purpose, playfulness, love and to be genuinely happy living an abundant quality of life.

She does this by creating enriching food, connecting with our deepest sensuality and shamelessly speaking the truth. While navigating through the lessons of life utilizing various tools from experiences, Kendra works with clients to integrate and implement this nourishment into all contexts of their wellbeing through her 1 on 1 mentoring.

Kendra can currently be found freelance writing for various publications, crafting recipes for restaurants around the globe, advocating and educating cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle, and as a treatment for various ailments as well as collaborating for upcoming retreats with like-minded creatives.


  • 3 buffet-style orgasm inducing locally sourced & organic meals including gluten-free and vegetarian options prepared by the onsite chef. Please let us know of any other dietary restrictions or choices prior to so we can accommodate :)
  • Casperia is known for their olives and olive gardens. Rest assured the quality of the ingredients will be Buenisimo!

Additional Activities

Holistic Therapies available at an additional cost provided by Sunflower Retreats

There is a wide range of spa treatments at the Sunflower Retreat center. They use only natural, organic products and take a holistic approach in their sessions. There will be brochures and extensive information on their services upon arrival.

** Free cycling and trekking.

  • Low-cost visits to hot springs and a wide range of other sport and learning opportunities.
  • Thermal Bath and Wild Hot Springs
  • Free bike rentals to explore
  • Free guided walks in the Sabina mountains (1200 meters) surrounding Casperia, rich in flora and fauna, are rarely visited by walkers and offer astonishing trekking and scenery.
  • Swimming pool
  • Wild streams which run through mountains and valleys, where you can immerse yourself in the nature of the Sabina area.
  • Cooking lessons at additional cost with the finest ingredients; freshly picked organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits straight from the farm.
  • Watercolor painting class at an additional cost
  • Excursions at additional cost. Trips with a private driver to historic sites such as Saint Francis’ hermitage, Orvieto, Assisi and to thermal baths and other nature sites can be organized.
  • Wine tasting at additional cost (If several people are interested then we can organize as a group and experience together)

Pricing and detail:

Early bird before March 15th If paid in full is $1275 Euro (for twin room) ($1449 USD plus charges for currency exchange depending on the rate). $1575 Euro for Single room. Early bird includes free 1 on 1 coaching with Kendra valued at $250 USD and 1/2 off Craniosacral session with Aly valued at $80/HR USD.

After March 15th $1575 Euros (double) and $1875 Euro (single).

First 3 people to register and pay you will receive $100 off of your retreat price!!!

All payments will go through Pay Pal using as the address. Press the friends and family option to avoid extra charges.

If you are Canadian you may e-transfer me and avoid the extra fees.


Please send us an email to for any additional questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to connecting with you in person.

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