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We are so excited to bring this wild playful retreat where the only focus is FUN!! No busy, no deadlines, no responsibilities. Time to unleash your inner child that has been screaming to come out and play. This is going to be an adventure of expanding your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to see beyond what is possible for yourself. Playing in nature is one way to re set and get on the anti-aging train.


DATES: March 3rd-8th 5 nights 4 days

PRICE: Early bird before Dec 1st is Shared- $716 USD $950 CAD

Private-$870 USD $1150 CAD

After Dec.1 Shared $980 USD $1300 CAD

Private- $1170 USD $1550 CAD

LOCATION: Casa Soma, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

FLY INTO: Managua


Sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget to have fun….come join us for 5 nights and 4 days in San Jaun del Sur to play in nature. If you have always wanted to learn how to skate or surf this is your time. The schedule is very flexible. You can sit in a hammock the whole time and read a book but you’ll probably get more out of it by participating. If you only want to practice yoga, perfect the other activities are there for you and are included in the price. If you only want to participate in the surf lesson and nothing else great! It’s your holiday but we welcome you to try everything that is included and expand your comfort zone.

Beach playtime!!


Casa Soma, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Casa Soma. In San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


  • *Daily yoga and meditation practices

    *Mindset and health workshops

    *Core strengthening, increase proprioception, skateboarding training

    *Intro to surf lesson and daily beach trips

    *Seasonal locally sourced vegetarian cuisine

    *Swimming pool on site

    *5 nights accommodations at Casa Soma

    *Airport shuttle

    *Bring your own skateboard or helmet- You may request one if needed

    Not included:

    Air fare

    Massages or craniosacral treatments

    Yoga mats


More of the venue:

Chill space- hang in the hammock and read a book, or watch the sunset with your new friends

Retreat schedule: 

This schedule is subject to change this is a base so you have an idea what the days will look like. It is extremely flexible as this is your holiday and fun time. We encourage healthy choices so there is no alcohol on the premises but you are more than welcome to go out for a drink.

 7a.m.- Juice, coffee and tea

 7:30-9 a.m. Asana practice (These are mixed classes designed for all levels, yes beginners are welcome!)

 9 a.m. Breakfast

 10-12 Workshops- Mind set/skateboarding or surfing (depending on the tide)

 12 p.m. Lunch

 3-5 p.m. Workshops or afternoon yoga/meditation practice

 6 p.m. Dinner

There will be 2 evenings where we will do meditations and ecstatic dance the rest of the evenings are free to explore the local town of San Juan del Sur and check out some music. The workshops are optional, they are included in the price of the retreat.

This is for you if..

  • You are hungry and so damn ready for an adventure you’re already looking at flights!

  • You have a passion for feeling more in life and are ready to break out of your routine in life

  • You love to embrace the rustic realness of a new landscape and culture. You are comfortable with a new setting and love to immerse in the quarks of a foreign land that may feel unfamiliar to you

  • You are adventurous or seek to unleash your adventurous side adapting to new surroundings and the spontaneity of a land unknown. It excites you to get out of your comfort zone. You know this where growth and magic happen

  • You are ready to Play and have fun!

  • You love meeting new people and making new friends!

  • Dancing under the stars and howling at the moon is second nature to you – or at least, you’re ready to embrace it


This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t comfortable with diving into self expression and personal development (In some of our workshops we may bring up some limiting thought patterns that can trigger upsetting emotions – this is when change can occur and we can start to reframe) Though we do not want to pressure anyone on their journey. If you are not quite ready to go there, this may not be for you and that’s okay.

  • You are expecting a resort and 5 star accommodations. Casa Soma is magical, clean and absolutely breathtaking in every way. However, we simply want to be transparent that this is not a luxury retreat. If you are expecting a 5 star resort, this may not be for you. It has a modern, cozy and simple vibe

  • You are expecting to change forever and all of life will be picture ‘perfect’ at the end of this retreat. We are creating this space for you to rediscover your playfulness and love for life and self as well as gift tools for action moving forward. Though, it is up to you to be consistent with the tools and momentum. We are here for you for support though it is up to you to implement.

You will receive a one on one private coaching session with Char Hunter. This will be for beginners. The more experienced riders Aly will take you to the local skate park to have a session. We will all be visiting the park at the end of the retreat.

For those that don’t want to skateboard you will have some free time to explore and go to the beach.

Skater: Aly Paws Photo: Amy Braun

Learn how to carve and practice yoga on your skate!!


Kimchi dumplin

Pitaya ice cream

Raw pad thai

  • Seasonal and locally sourced vegetarian meals a day

  • Please read the chef’s bio for more info (Sasha Friess)

  • If you have dietary restrictions please let us know before hand


One of the bedrooms at Casa Soma

Bathroom in every suite

If you bring a friend you get a special rate!!!

All payments will go through Pay Pal using as the address. Press the friends and family option to avoid extra charges.

If you are Canadian you may e-transfer me and avoid the extra fees.



In Aly’s eyes life is meant to be experienced through travel, play and laughter. Her passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga lead her to create her own teacher training program. She has facilitated several 200 hr YTT in Costa Rica, Canada and Thailand. Aly has had the pleasure of working with Epic Self in collaborating YTT’s around the globe.

Aly’s journey with yoga started in 2003 after a skateboard injury, it helped her regain strength not only in body but mind and spirit. She spent a lot of time on her snowboard competing in local contests. Skateboarding and breakdancing were not only activities she did in her 20’s but it was a lifestyle, her family. The hi-light of her dancing years was touring on the Vans Warped tour as a b-girl in 2004.

Aly grew to love surfing after years of traveling and observing how the ocean works and watching how people maneuver themselves in a line up. Aly was drawn to the energy of the ocean and followed her heart and quickly realized surfing is not as easy as they make it look but she likes a good challenge.

In 2010 she had a calling to study the body deeper with Massage, craniosacral, SER and myofascial release. She currently practices and assists people in transforming from emotional wounds and trauma out of the pain body to feeling freedom and bliss.

Aly will be the yoga guide on the retreat. She has a diverse style of yoga practices from hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, yin, kundalini, meditation, pranayama breath work and philosophy. She has a perfect balance of the wisdom of the ancient lineage and traditional style of teaching to dynamic play and fun.


Kendra Adachi supports women to make empowered choices that supports expansion toward radical self-acceptance creating opportunities for a love exploding life of fulfillment. She is a mentor, writer, plant-focused chef, movement junkie and chaser of full-body-fuck-yes-life-experiences. Kendra curates experiences that encourage radical self-acceptance, radical honesty, unapologetically taking up space and how to truly connect with our unique physical, mental and emotional needs. As a Certified Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completing the four levels of personal development through Integrity Seminars, and having the gift of experiencing depression and mental illness, Kendra has chosen to love her unique story and utilize it’s lessons as a means to support others on their journey. Kendra works with clients to integrate and implement their unique stories as a source of empowerment through her 1 on 1 mentoring, group coaching programs and workshops.


Char is an RMT with extensive education in soft tissue studies through West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She is an Instructor of Registered Massage Therapy at Vancouver Career College where she shares her passion for learning, years of experience, and continuing education with future RMT students.

Using musculoskeletal alignment and ergonomic re-balancing. Char uses all of her knowledge in anatomy and her extensive background with skateboarding over 30 years to apply sustainable ways to perform on the board.

Personally, Char enjoys spending time with her life partner Mark, her kids Lauren and Benjamin, and her hound dog Kerouac. You can find her Hiking, Practicing Kundalini yoga, Farming, Skateboarding, and working out some new tunes on the guitar on her down time.


Sasha is one of the original founders of Apoyo Lodge, Nicaragua’s first 100% vegan hotel; Sasha has been creating high end plant-based cuisine in the country since 2010 and is trained with the prestigious Matthew Kenney Culinary.

Sasha sources the highest quality organic, locally grown, seasonal produce and supports local artisanal goods.

What kind of food can you expect? Healthy spins on traditional favorites without jeopardising quality or flavor. Whole foods from the earth are celebrated while processed, packaged, food-like stuffs are avoided at all costs. All sauces, dips and dressings are homemade daily and an abundance of tropical fruits, fresh coconuts, cacao and cashews always utilized.

Meals are prepared without meat, seafood, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugars or oils.

 Testimonials from The Yoga Home graduates

I couldn’t have had a better teacher than Aly. She is such a beautiful and present person that really cares about everyone around her. We were a great group, all on different levels and Aly gave all of us a big piece of her heart and a lot of understanding. The passion she has for yoga really shines through in everything she does. The playfulness and lightness she brings to her teaching is something i really appreciated. I laughed every day in my teacher training and it made me realise that my practise doesn’t need to be so serious. That life itself can be much more about light and fun.
Aly really made me grow, both in my practise and as a person. She gave me all the skills and confidence I need to start teaching. I am so happy for everything i got out of the training. It’s really been life changing. I love Aly forever and would recommend her teacher training to anyone.”

- Sara Eek Branzell

I was so impressed with Aly’s deep knowledge of the body, yoga as a science and a philosophy. These concepts flow through her classes, and are passed on to her students on both an individual level and class level. Aly teaches from a place of acceptance and understanding. She is extremely receptive to her student’s feelings and goals. She attends to individual needs & circumstances without compromising high standards of practice & discipline. Aly has instilled the confidence in me teaching alignment principles, anatomy, cueing, and how to assess a student or an entire class to form a sequence to suit their needs. I was always encouraged by her playful assurance & found her teaching methods very nourishing and motivating. She truly put the joy back into the practice and created a space of lightness and fun with afternoon dance parties, savasana cuddle puddles and massage trains. Her guidance as taught me to keep seeking, to keep trying, to be super open and receptive to everything I feel for it is in the sweet caressing of the dark and difficult moments that space opens for greater expansion. I am finally ready to spread my light to the world and live my purpose. Thank you for the most sweaty high viben’ informative experience of my life. I am grateful beyond words for you, Aly Paws.”

- Teal Michelle Blake

Testimonials from Kendra’s clients

“Having a coach like Kendra is an asset when you’re at the point in your life where you really want to make changes and are ready to show up and be focused. She will be in your corner alternating between pushing you, giving you a safe space to be raw & open, celebrating your wins, and shifting your perspective when necessary. She won’t let you be sidetracked by your limited beliefs and will shine a light showing you what is capable if you decide to step into your true power. I would recommend her to anyone who’s ready to make significant changes and wants someone to be accountable to. Investing the time & money in yourself is well worth the cost as by the end of twelve sessions if you have done the work and shown up, you will feel different and more equipped to move through life the way in a way that you’re proud of and serves you.”

~ Leanne

“Words cannot express the changes the have occurred in my life because of the coaching I have received. I feel as though you were my proverbial “life support” in so many ways. You provided me with a safe space to open up, be vulnerable, accept my opportunities- all while learning to celebrate myself and what I have to offer. I am more emotionally intelligent and aware of both my needs and values.”

  • -Kaitlin

We expand our awareness through collecting memories rather than material things. We gain wisdom from living to tell the stories of our experiences.

-Aly Paws

Char, Kendra and I look forward to meeting you in Nicaragua

Much love,

Aly Paws, Kendra Adachi and Char Hunter

Please send us an email to for any additional questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to connecting with you in person.

First 3 people to register and pay you will receive $100 off of your retreat price!!!

All payments will go through Pay Pal using as the address. Press the friends and family option to avoid extra charges.

If you are Canadian you may e-transfer me and avoid the extra fees.


Please send us an email to for any additional questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to connecting with you in person.

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