Techniques & Practice

Explore a vast array of asana styles and theoretical elements using Hatha as the foundation. Morning practice is an intensive two hour Vinyasa flow. While the afternoon is a gentle two hour Hatha with deep focus on alignment, pranayama and meditation. Remaining time will be spent on lectures covering topics of the day. 100 hrs total.

Teaching Methodology

Learn all aspects of teaching including: how to plan classes, choreograph sequences, demonstrate postures, execute physical adjustments, use voice and verbal cues (English and Sanskrit). Practice and learn how to hold space for a variety of different emotions, physical injuries and limitations. Using props and modifying postures is also extensively covered. The importance of observation is emphasized and the foundation of excellent teaching. 25 hrs total.

Anatomy and Physiology

Dive deep into the physical (muscles, bones, fascia etc.) and energetic (chakras, nadis etc.) anatomy of the human form. You will be taught all body systems (eg. nervous system, muscular system, endocrine, etc.), human kinetics and how all of these relate to yoga practice. Anatomy provides a comprehensive blueprint for all postures while clarifying the effects of pranayama and meditation within the body. 20 hrs total.

Philosophy and Ethics

Review topics within Hindu mythology and the traditional teachings from the ancient scriptures of The Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita. Looking into these Vedic scriptures gives you insight into how much more there is to your yoga practice than the physical body. By learning the 8 limb path and applying it throughout your life you will be more confident incorporating it into your classes without overwhelming your students. Two hours are spent on the ethics of the teacher-student relationship and how important this is when giving physical adjustments. 30 hrs total.


Practice teaching to the group. Develop your voice and style. Sometimes the scariest part of being a new teacher is getting up in front of people. The more you practice within a supportive group the more your confidence grows. This is a chance to receive and give feedback as well as observe others teach. Electives are interspersed throughout the month and include kids, Ashtanga and pre-natal yoga practices. Basic Ayurvedic principles and variations for advanced postures are also covered. 10 hrs total