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Teacher’s Bio

The practice of Yoga has given me the gift and awareness in developing a relationship between my internal and external realities. My path to this ancient practice began in 2003 as a form of healing from a skateboarding injury. After the first class I realized that I could finally breathe knowing that I found my true calling. Coming from a dance background my body was telling me to slow down and restore. While honoring the playfulness that I got from breakdancing it allowed me to keep my practices light and fun. I wanted people to feel how I felt, the bliss, balance, strength and relaxation. So I decided to take my 200 hr teacher training in Hatha Yoga in 2005. This was a beautiful foundation to build a life long journey.
In 2008 I met my teacher Rameen Peyrow and he inspired me to take the 200 hr Ashtanga teacher training. Being a snowboarder my whole life I related to the inversions, and dynamic sequencing. Shortly after that I opened up my own studio called The Yoga Home in Olds, AB. A few years later I fell in love with Sattva Yoga and in 2012 received the 200 hrs from Rameen Peyrow. Sattva resonates truth and balance to me and I will continue to share this with my students, friends and family. Within the same year I graduated from 2200 hrs of Massage Therapy.
As a body worker and a practitioner of Yoga I am able to connect to my students on a more intimate personal level helping them to understand how the anatomy and physiology works within the practice. My passion for travelling, surfing and Spanish have given me a direction in my career to focus on Yoga retreats and Teacher Trainings. I have been fortunate enough to globally share and express the ability to access the divine intelligence that exists within us all. I feel blessed to have the platform to share this amazing art and science of mind, body and breath connection with the world. Enjoy every moment you have…and breathe :)

Seniors/Beginners yoga


This is a gentle Hatha. Moving at a slower pace with full awareness. Focus is on rhythmic movements creating circulation and flow in the body, pranayama breathing, meditation, lengthening and taking time to stretch out the muscles.Perfect for beginners, anyone rehabilitating from an injury or ages over 65.

Core Strength


This class will give you a better understanding of how yoga addresses core strength and stability. We will be taking a deeper approach to the relationship between abdominal and back, which includes hips, pelvis, sacrum and spine. Experience the classical hatha yoga system by incorporating physical, mental and spiritual needs. This will help you find balance on and off your mat. Bringing awareness to the core will not only rehabilitate back injuries, it will develop a healthy posture as well as physical stamina and mental clarity.



A traditional form of yoga incorporating breath, balance, and body awareness. Utilizing physical postures (asana), pranayama (breath control) and meditation to create space and flow within the nadis (channels) in the body. Holding postures focusing on strengthening weak areas and lengthening tight areas * All levels welcome*

Yogi cubs


This is a great class if you are between the ages of 3-8 and want explore, to be playful and express yourself using animal sounds and animated movements…exploring your imagination as well as self expression through body movement, helping balance and breathing. Yogi Bears ages 6-11 (learning more alignment and proper posturing than the cubs)