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200 hr YTT Curriculum



2018 Yoga Teacher Trainings

September 4-25 – 200 hr YTT.

Olds, Alberta

November 7th – 200 Hr one month intensive in Thailand with Epic Self.

Marketing, sales and website building included.

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Testimonials from The Yoga Home graduates

“I couldn’t have had a better teacher than Aly. She is such a beautiful and present person that really cares about everyone around her. We were a great group, all on different levels and Aly gave all of us a big piece of her heart and a lot of understanding. The passion she has for yoga really shines through in everything she does. The playfulness and lightness she brings to her teaching is something i really appreciated. I laughed every day in my teacher training and it made me realise that my practise doesn’t need to be so serious. That life itself can be much more about light and fun.
Aly really made me grow, both in my practise and as a person. She gave me all the skills and confidence I need to start teaching. I am so happy for everything i got out of the training. It’s really been life changing. I love Aly forever and would recommend her teacher training to anyone.”

- Sara Eek Branzell

“I was so impressed with Aly’s deep knowledge of the body, yoga as a science and a philosophy. These concepts flow through her classes, and are passed on to her students on both an individual level and class level. Aly teaches from a place of acceptance and understanding. She is extremely receptive to her student’s feelings and goals. She attends to individual needs & circumstances without compromising high standards of practice & discipline. Aly has instilled the confidence in me teaching alignment principles, anatomy, cueing, and how to assess a student or an entire class to form a sequence to suit their needs. I was always encouraged by her playful assurance & found her teaching methods very nourishing and motivating. She truly put the joy back into the practice and created a space of lightness and fun with afternoon dance parties, savasana cuddle puddles and massage trains. Her guidance as taught me to keep seeking, to keep trying, to be super open and receptive to everything I feel for it is in the sweet caressing of the dark and difficult moments that space opens for greater expansion. I am finally ready to spread my light to the world and live my purpose. Thank you for the most sweaty high viben’ informative experience of my life. I am grateful beyond words for you, Aly Paws.”

- Teal Michelle Blake