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60 Hour Online Yoga Immersion Program

Do you find it challenging to figure out ways to practice yoga at home consistently?

Are you struggling with creative intelligent sequencing that honours the architecture of your body?

Are you wanting to deepen your yoga studies but not necessarily teach yoga?

 This program is designed for those that are looking to deepen their studies and create a consistent yoga practice in the comfort of their own home. It is an online program is designed for those that want to grow their knowledge of the foundations of yoga but are not necessarily wanting or ready to teach just yet.

Your transformation includes:

  • Getting clear on your life mission and how the practice of yoga can contribute to the life you deserve.
  • How to create and incorporate yoga into your everyday.
  • A deeper study in anatomy; learning the bones, muscles, tissues and movements and how it all relates to yoga.
  • One-on-one coaching calls to personalize your journey.
  • Live yoga sessions and trainings.
  • History and philosophy of yoga; eg.8 limbs, The Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita.
  • Learning basic Sanskrit and the posture names.
  • How to create creative yoga practice sequencing.

It is the perfect prerequisite if you find that upon completion of the course you want to continue on in your yoga journey and become a certified teacher, you may also use these hours for continuing education through Yoga Alliance to add to a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training for the 20 hrs of non contact training that are required for your full certification.

This is the perfect opportunity to develop a foundation so you can create change in your life and routine. It will support you in your personal development and growth as you experiment with the tools and techniques.

You can enroll and begin the program at anytime.

Sign up for your transformation here or message us at The Yoga Home or Aly Paws for more information.

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